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Need to merge multiple PDF files into one?

Businesses, marketers, content writers, developers, professors, and students alike need to merge word to pdf files into one comprehensive document.

It is no longer necessary for marketers to spend several hours merging documents manually in times like these. We have been able to simplify our lives thanks to technology’s tremendous advancements.

Documents can be merged in bulk by marketers!

Here, a high-quality online merge PDF tool helps many marketers and regular users professionally organise their files. You may easily combine multiple PDF files using our PDF merger.

The market has gotten increasingly crowded as the globe moves toward paperless operations. Numerous PDF editing programmes are available on the market nowadays. However, this makes it challenging to pick a PDF editor for either personal or professional use.

PDF Lumin

Lumin PDF is one of the PDF tools with the quickest market expansion. This tool offers customers a wide range of adaptable and powerful capabilities.

With Lumin PDF, you can collaborate in real time on a single document with a number of coworkers. You can sync your changes without worrying about unanticipated interruptions because the tool is entirely online.

For more complete editing capabilities, Lumin PDF also integrates with Google Docs and Drive. PDF files can be conveniently viewed and edited thanks to the browser extension. Additionally, you can eSign, compress, and annotate your files using the easy excel to pdf editor.

The small PDF

The best PDF editing programme for businesses and schools is Small PDF. Schools can integrate lecture halls and classrooms with the cloud with SmallPDF for Education. SmallPDF is used by organisations like UC Berkeley and the University of Alberta for administrative purposes.

Users of SmallPDF for Businesses can edit their PDF documents using a simple interface. The use of this PDF editor encourages effective teamwork.

SmallPDF offers high-grade security features, such as password protection, GDPR compliance, ISO 27001 accreditation, and watermarking, that are comparable to those found in Switzerland. Before sending your documents to clients or colleagues, you can also eSign them.

PDFelement by Wondershare

The Wondershare firm is the owner of the offline and online PDF editor known as PDFelement. You can download this PDF tool’s cutting-edge features for free. However, you must select a licencing plan from the list of Individuals, Team, Education, or Bundles if you want to get advanced features.

The following operations can be performed by Wondershare PDFelement users:
  • PDF editing
  • File conversion
  • Creating PDF forms
  • PDF protection
  • Make use of optical character recognition (OCR) in PDF
  • Documents can be eSigned
  • PDF annotations
  • Page organization
  • PDF files can be used to extract data and metadata

A free, customizable PDF template and editing guide can also be found on the official website of the company.

Preview by Apple

The solution to your search for a Mac PDF editor is Preview. You may work with the free PDF editor without downloading it because it is an Apple product.

On their local macOS devices, users can see photos and PDFs using Preview. Unfortunately, iOS, Android, and Windows devices are not compatible with this PDF editor tool.

Even so, Preview excels as a PDF editor by providing many options for editing, annotating, converting, and compressing PDF files.

As an Apple product, Preview is easy to use and anyone can edit PDFs.

It’s Sejda!

Sejda outperforms other PDF editing tools when looking for a product that combines comfort and ease of use. The tool features an easy-to-use dashboard and is accessible online.

Sejda is available for download for Linux, Mac (10.12 or earlier), Windows 64 bit, Windows 32 bit, and Windows portable. Sadly, mobile devices are not supported by the application.

Sejda is free to use, however only a subset of its functionalities are accessible. The Week Pass or Annual subscriptions are required if you want an unrestricted licence to use advanced Sejda features. For bigger teams and institutions, you may also request a personalised quote.

PDF created with Foxit

You can edit, rotate, share, and protect your PDF files using this PC and Mac-compatible PDF editor. Other sophisticated features in Foxit PDF are also available only to subscribers.

A robust administrator console tool is available for enabling and managing internal processes. Among these tools are:

  • Electronic signatures
  • Server for renditions
  • OCR for Maestro Server
  • Compress PDF files
  • Server for PDF Filtering
  • Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac PDF Reader Add-Ons
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web PDF Editor Pro

In addition to enhancing your organization’s overall productivity, Foxit Volume Automation can increase its overall impact as well.

The PDF Candy

PDFCandy is the answer if you’re looking for a PDF text editor that also offers lossless compressions. You can edit, rotate, merge, annotate, split, delete, and sign PDFs using this application. Additionally, you can take text and pictures out of one document and put them in another.

It is even possible to convert multiple non-PDF files for editing using PDFCandy. PDFCandy supports the following file formats:

  • The Excel spreadsheet (XLS)
  • Word (DOC and DOCX)
  • Presentation (PPT)Presentation (PPT)
  • XML and HTML
  • A text file
  • JPEG
  • Images in JPEG
  • TIFFImage format .TIFF

In addition to watermarking your PDFs, you can also use them to protect them against copyright infringement. OCR and PDF password protection are also available through PDFCandy.

PDF Pro by Nitro

Nitro PDF offers fast-paced processes for companies and institutions.

Using this tool, team members can instantly collaborate on spreadsheets, contracts, and other documents. Additionally, you can combine PDF files and create fillable forms with Nitro PDF capabilities.

As well as protecting sensitive data, the tool also features multi-user editing of PDF files online.

Erase PDF files

It can be difficult to find a PDF editor that is compatible with all systems. But PDF Escape circumvents these compatibility problems by providing a user-friendly, cross-browser online PDF editor.

You can download the app to your Windows-based device to take use of more features. The fact that PDFEscape is incompatible with Linux and macOS is a significant negative.

Nevertheless, the app is accessible in English, French, German, and Italian. When you download the item to your desktop, you may also refer to the installation guide there. For help with complicated technical problems, contact customer support.

Acrobat DC from Adobe

Adobe is a leader when it comes to editing tools since it invented the PDF format. PDF files can be edited online or downloaded to your computer. 

Download Adobe Acrobat DC if you wish to see files and remark on them for teammates. However, choose Adobe Acrobat Pro DC if you wish to explore the extensive variety of editing features. To edit PDFs online for free, you can alternatively purchase this application on the Adobe Cloud.

The pro version of this PDF software is expensive, but it remains the premier tool for editing PDF files.


The ideal PDF editor increases productivity by streamlining internal collaboration and file sharing. Examine the features offered before selecting a PDF editor for personal or professional use to ensure that it will serve your needs.