Don’t catch that flight or hit the road without having a reliable navigation app on your phone. A foreign land can be boring and even traumatizing if you can’t find your way around the city! These 3 navigating apps are what you need for your next trip – and these don’t include Google Maps!


Waze map is perhaps the best navigation out there if you really want to know the traffic jam situation, fast routes, and other such road-related information. It is completely free, just like Google Maps, but probably has a much more user-friendly interface. It is primarily used for driving cars, which is why you won’t find features like buildings and 3D graphics that get you through narrow routes. It has a strange mechanism, where users put in data, which is then used by the app’s algorithm to give you real-time and accurate updates about the routes.

Other than traffic, you are also informed about road closures, constructions, any natural hazards causing disruption, and one-way routes. You will find the maps very easily legible, but the menu may be a little difficult to understand. Some people found it difficult to find the voice-command feature on the app. Once you find the voice command feature, you will not have to struggle through the app to find your desired features. Just use your voice while driving and let the app handle everything from there.

Apple Maps

A big competitor to Google Maps is Apple Maps. Just like everything else, Apple has also launched its very own navigation app that is available to all iOS users by default. You can enjoy just as amazing features on this navigation app and even some more. Firstly, it has high quality 3D graphics, so it lets you have a realistic view of buildings and landmarks. This view allows you to understand the map and your real surroundings better.

You can switch between various viewing modes, including a satellite mode, transit, explore, and driving mode. Moreover, you will find all the real-time updates you need for public transport. This includes bus stops, routes, arrival times, and your distance from one stop to another. Use the app to also discover any nearby places such as gas stations, banks, hospitals, and so on.

The most notable feature is that Apple Maps have a very thorough interface, making the map extremely easy to read. They designate all different stops and locations with small icons. With the help of these icons, the user can tell in a quick glance what the stop is about.

This app is more about the user experiencing cities through the 3D or bird’s-eye view feature to explore cities. It’s very well-focused on providing a fun experience to the user, all the while maintaining the basic functionality of a navigating app.


Ever since the pandemic and flight restrictions, most of us have developed a healthy relationship with road trips. We all know how fun road trips can be if you travel with the right people. With an app like Roadtrippers at your service, the trip can be 10 times more fun and smooth.

This app is rich with features like multiple-device syncing. You can have all your favorite destinations and other information sync between multiple devices. Secondly, the app has millions of pre-planned trips in its database, so you can take a lot of help from there. You can also go through various waypoints after entering your destination in the app. So, you get to decide which waypoints are better and suit well with your trip’s plan.

Not just for navigating, but the app also acts like a directory that includes all the information you could possibly need regarding the destination or your midway stops. It has a bunch of historical places, events, activities, local eateries, and other such information that you can browse through. Resultantly, you will be able to pre-plan your trip and also be able to find great entertainment even on the go. You will need a stable internet connection like Hargray Communications so you can fully utilize the features of this app and plan a seamless road trip.

Bottom Line

Watching TV shows and our favorite movies on Hargray cable surely gets us all hyped about going on road trips and international flights. But executing these trips is not entirely a fun ride. It’s always important to have all the essentials in place, including navigation apps and reliable internet plans.