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Male Strippers And Topless Waiters In Adelaide Events

Are you thinking of hosting a party, hens night, bachelor party, ( who needs a reason)

Are you looking for some male stripper Adelaide?

Then look no further, as you are in the right place.

Let me introduce you to Dante Rossi, the one and only Australia Premier award-winning International male performer.

Let’s learn a few things about the male stripper adelaide australia, Dante Rossi.

Award-winning International male performer

Yes, you have heard it right, Dante Rossi is an international male performer having performed overseas and Australia wide as an entertainer.

Dante is also fire eater and fire breather how can it get hotter than that? Perfect to turn up the heat! Dante is a superb dancer, actor, model host, and MC.

Dante Rossi is the original founder, creator, former owner & director of Dante Entertainment (commenced in 2013 and sold in 2018).

He is the original Dante entertainment was founded, created, and directed by Dante Rossi in 2013.

Later it was sold in 2018. Don’t be fooled by lesser Names.

He possesses years of experience in events as well as the entertainment industry, almost 2 decades.

If you are looking for a male stripper Adelaide, then don’t miss out, Dante Rossi the entertainer for all your party needs.

He is the highest-ranking entertainer having worked in Europe and Australia.

With Awards and Honours

 Dante has won Best Striptease Agency 2014 award.

 Best male stripper in 2015.

 Alpha male award 2015

Dante Rossi was also honored by the Best Dance Group 2016 award.

 What are you waiting for? Just click on the link, visit his site, and contact him for making your event the hit of the town.

Elite Male Strippers In Adelaide

For your upcoming bachelorette party, hens night, LGBTQ+, buck party, and many more all you need to do is to contact Dante Rossi.

If you are looking for some Elite Male Strippers,  Dante Rossi and spice up your parties by adding Elite Male Strippers in Adelaide.

Before that let’s quickly have a glance at Dante Rossi.

Male Stripper Dante Rossi

Be it the entertainment industry or individuals, all are in search of fresh faces who will entertain them and add some spice to their parties.

If you are staying in Adelaide and are planning to host an adult party all you need to do is to contact Dante Rossi.

Dante has earned his enormous fame in the Elite Male stripper in Adelaide.

Dante Rossi holds numerous awards of which including the Best male stripper Award (2015), Best Strip Tease Agency Award (2014), Alpha Male Award (2015), and many more.

He has been performing since his teens and his years of experience are leading him to entertain all at once.

Visit the link, and enjoy the services of the Elite Male stripper in Adelaide, Dante Rossi at your parties.

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