weakening of bones

Numerous factors contribute to bone loss and raise the risk of osteoporosis, including genetics, family background, age, race, small frame, and gender.

Although these factors increase your risk of fractures, there is good news. Eliminating daily bad habits can improve bone health. Several habits lead to the weakening of bones, and we should avoid them so that there are no medical issues in our old age.

Habits That Weaken Our Bones

1. Bad Posture

You might be surprised to learn that minor posture mistakes can impact your bone health. Nowadays, many people experience what is known as Forward Head Posture, a familiar posture issue. Leaning forward over phones, laptops, or your desk at work is the cause of this. Your muscles are stressed, and this posture may even contribute to osteoporosis.

2. Tobacco Breaks/Smoking

When you frequently inhale cigarette smoke, your body finds it more challenging to create new, healthy bone tissue. It gets worse as you continue to smoke.

Smokers are more likely to break something and heal more slowly. However, if you stop smoking, you can reduce these risks and strengthen your bones, although it may take some time.

3. Bad Eating Patterns

Dark leafy greens, whole grains, fruits, nuts, and calcium-rich foods are all excellent for your bones. But your body craves those things when processed foods, refined sugars, and high sodium dominate your diet. Making minor dietary adjustments gradually over time rather than all at once will give your bones the fuel they require, giving you the best chance of long-term success. Visit vbjs.com.au to know more about how eating patterns can damage your bones.

4. Being Inactive

When you exercise, your bones also get more robust and denser. Weight-bearing exercises are perfect for bone health, though regular exercise can benefit your overall health. These include walking, stair climbing, and weight lifting that require you to work against gravity. In addition, better posture, balance, and flexibility are advantages.

5. Overindulging in Alcohol

Alcohol consumption weakens bones by raising cortisol levels in the body and decreasing oestrogen and testosterone levels. You can drink sometimes but not always. Keep in mind that practising a little moderation can help your bones.

6. Overconsumption of Coffee

You may be damaging your bones if you cannot go more than a few hours without needing a cup of coffee or any other caffeinated beverage. According to observational studies, some people who consume large amounts of caffeine-containing beverages have an increased risk of fractures. Caffeine overdose appears to prevent calcium absorption in the intestines.

7. Lack of Vitamin D

Lack of sunshine can weaken the bones and make them prone to fractures, and chronic pain and lack of vitamin D cause the weakening of bones.


Consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your bone health or osteoporosis risk factors, such as a recent bone fracture. They might suggest a bone density test. Your doctor will use the results to assess your bone mass and calculate your bone loss rate. Your doctor can determine whether you might be a candidate for medicine to help slow bone loss or not by considering this information and your risk factors.